A big thank you to everyone on behalf of the Jubilee Team for making this a Jubilee to remember. All of the events over the three days were enjoyed and greatly appreciated.

Well – it’s almost all over now. We still have a few long term projects as shown below.

The Time Capsule will be arriving soon. Please give your suggestions to the Parish Clerk as soon as possible.

Additional benches are to be installed on the recreation ground. There is a delay as it is necessary to get appropriate ones that offer good value for money. If you or your group would like to sponsor a bench with a commemorative plaque of your choice, please contact the Parish Clerk.

We held a Songs of Praise on  Sunday 7th October at St. Michael’s.  This took place jointly with Atworth Independent Church. It was an extremely enjoyable, uplifting and successful evening.

Here are a few photographs of the Saturday which were kindly given to me by David Webb (Who has a picture of David on the slide?)

Preparing the village
Red, White and Blue. Brilliant gates
Flags at the Clock Tower
Flags at Shell Court. Thank you Steve Jordan for our flags. The village looked brilliant.
Flags at the White Hart. Thanks to Kirstie for the Street Party.
We all had a super time!
The new flag pole has been installed at the Clock Tower.
BBC Radio Wiltshire were with us on the Rec for the whole afternoon.
Ensuring a good reception.
Lazy Summer afternoon.
A perfect picnic.
Having a chat in the sunshine.
The Parish Bier was on display throughout the afternoon and drew an incredible amount of interest.
Do you know of anyone who could repair the leather work and the solid tyres?
Welcome to all who took part in the Atworth Community Painting.
A good turn out of those who took part in the painting.
The grand unveiling. Wow!
A big thank you to everyone involved.
The formal photo.
Mavis King, Effie Gale-Sides, Sir James Fuller with Lady Venetia and their children Archie and Harry, Hilary and David Hough.
Design a flag for Atworth.
Adult winner – Adam Calkin.
Young person winner – Fiona Holley age 9
Infant winner – Annabel age 3 from Snapdragons.
Thank you Snapdragons for all your wonderful entries.

Jubilee Events Programme.

From the many suggestions at the very well attended initial meeting, some items have been accepted to move forward, but could take time. These are:

***Jubilee gates at entrances along Bath Road (may improve lowering of speeding traffic).Grants totalling £4,000 from the Area Board and Mark Griffiths have been awarded to the Parish Council for these. We are very grateful for this support. The gates could go up this year…..and it all started here!

***Seating and flowering shrubs at quiet end of Recreation Ground. Thank you to Kirsty at The White Hart who been raising funds towards the first bench. If you as an individual or as a group, would like to donate a bench, please contact the Parish Clerk. An inscribed plaque on the seat is acceptable.

***More daffodils. Please let the Parish Clerk (who is doing our admin) know of locations to be considered.

***Subtle illumination of the clock tower was suggested at a subsequent meeting and this is being investigated by the Parish Council.

MP visits Atworth 15th August 2012

Village Jubilee Gateway

The new  white village gateways will be installed before too long. Funding was given by the Area Board and Mark Griffiths. This was topped up by the Parish Council.

It has been ascertained that these types of “gates” to the entrances of communities help to reduce the speed of traffic. WC Highways will give their design to the Parish Council at the November meeting.


An opportunity to speak with your MP

 15th AUGUST 5.00pm


Clock Tower