Parliament Week November 2014

“Parliament Week” is a programme that connects people with parliamentary democracy in the UK. It has nothing to do with any Party politics. Atworth Parish Council became Parliament Partners in September 2014 and took part for the first time with an “Any Questions?” session on Monday 17th November. The aim was to encourage young people to speak up and take an active  part in our democracy.

Effie Gale-Sides and Alan Bagnall, of Atworth Parish Council, and  David Webb, Honorary Freeman of the Parish of Atworth, met questions from  twenty representatives of Atworth Youth Club and Ceri Evans Community Youth Officer for the Melksham community area.

It was hugely enjoyable with lots of queries and viewpoints being expressed about current local and wider issues. Effie described the event as impressive and the young people as being very knowledgeable with a keen interest in a wide range of village issues. She was delighted with the turnout and the consideration given to the many questions asked.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such an interesting and worthwhile event. Also many thanks to Kirsty for the use of the White Hart Skittle Alley when the Youth Club was found to be not suitable following recent flooding.



Clock Tower and War Memorial Refurbishment


The aim of the refurbishment is to improve and preserve the fabric of the tower and memorial, with a recommendation that any work protects the integrity of the building The priority is on preservation and not cleaning .A specification has been drawn up following the Parish Council’s consultation with Atworth History Group, Wiltshire Council’s conservation officers, War Memorial Trust and local stonemasons.

The work involves some cleaning and re-pointing only where necessary, re-cutting and re-painting lettering on plaques, and also preservation and restoration of some Bath stone surrounds, carvings and inscriptions. In addition the undersides of the roof boards will be re-coated.

The work which commenced 12th November, is being carried out by Bloomfield Masons of Trowbridge who have superb references and an excellent reputation for this type of work.

Refurbishment of Clock Tower
Refurbishment of Clock Tower

Atworth Community Defibrillator

The defibrillator is sited on the outside wall of the Atworth Institute.

The cabinet is not locked. This is as recommended by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. This is because they believe that there should be no barriers between the defibrillator and the person collecting the machine. Any locks would delay this process.

The defibrillator has been donated to Atworth Parish Council by the Ambulance Service as a permanent loan. Running costs, training for villagers, installation, yellow cabinet with signage  and securing future associated  costs, all required further funding. This has been achieved by generous donations:

  • Neston Farm Shop, Lady Venetia Fuller £370
  • Leafield Marine £200
  • Atworth Centenary Festival community collection £140
  • Atworth Women’s Institute £100
  • White Hart £70
  • Olive Ford Ltd £50
  • William Bird £50
  • Anthony Slee £50
  • Karl Schafer free electrical installation

Thank you to Hannah Bailey who brought defibrillators to the attention of the Parish Council, St John’s Ambulance for supplying Andrew Freestone for free of charge villager training, and Atworth Institute trustees for their support and co-operation with this project and for allowing the Institute for training at no cost.

Location of defibrillator on the Atworth Institute wall
Location of defibrillator on the Atworth Institute wall
Collection at the Atworth Village Festival
Collection at the Atworth Village Festival

Apple Press at The White Hart

The community apple press was at The White Hart, Atworth, on 21st September from noon to 3.00 p.m.
Apples were pressed at no charge, however a suitable container in which to take home your apple juice was needed.

There was a small response from the village but was well attended by people from the surrounding area. It is hoped that the press will be here again next year.


Lights Out

Seventy Five people met at the Clock Tower with candles and torches for Atworth Lights Out to mark the centenary of the start of Great Britain entering the First World War. The half hour service led by Effie Gale-Sides, Rodney Price and Lynne Spencer included historical information, poetry, prayers, prose, songs and hymns. It concluded with candles and torches being extinguished as the Clock Tower struck 10 o’clock.

The Clock Tower light was switched off and the Last Post was played.

The event was very well received and was later described as moving and memorable.

Thank you to everyone who came.