Atworth Community Defibrillator

The defibrillator is sited on the outside wall of the Atworth Institute.

The cabinet is not locked. This is as recommended by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. This is because they believe that there should be no barriers between the defibrillator and the person collecting the machine. Any locks would delay this process.

The defibrillator has been donated to Atworth Parish Council by the Ambulance Service as a permanent loan. Running costs, training for villagers, installation, yellow cabinet with signage  and securing future associated  costs, all required further funding. This has been achieved by generous donations:

  • Neston Farm Shop, Lady Venetia Fuller £370
  • Leafield Marine £200
  • Atworth Centenary Festival community collection £140
  • Atworth Women’s Institute £100
  • White Hart £70
  • Olive Ford Ltd £50
  • William Bird £50
  • Anthony Slee £50
  • Karl Schafer free electrical installation

Thank you to Hannah Bailey who brought defibrillators to the attention of the Parish Council, St John’s Ambulance for supplying Andrew Freestone for free of charge villager training, and Atworth Institute trustees for their support and co-operation with this project and for allowing the Institute for training at no cost.

Location of defibrillator on the Atworth Institute wall
Location of defibrillator on the Atworth Institute wall
Collection at the Atworth Village Festival
Collection at the Atworth Village Festival