Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness

The Wiltshire Assembly – Wiltshire Family of Partnerships

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)


The role of the Wiltshire Assembly is to work with organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors to discuss key topics that affect Wiltshire communities.

A key part is to deliver outcomes that will address some of these issues, ensuring a better future for the county. It is hosted by Wiltshire Council.

The key objectives of the last conference were:

  • To raise awareness that protecting children and young people from CSE is everyone’s business
  • To encourage organisations to help raise awareness and as a result prevent CSE from taking place.
  • To pledge to “achieve zero tolerance of CSE in Wiltshire”

Yes, CSE has taken place not that far from Atworth and can involve young people from villages. It is not always reported. We have to be the eyes and ears of our community.


We are encouraging as many people as possible to complete a free online information module so that they can recognise signs of CSE.

“Click” on  this link.  It is interactive and takes about half an hour.

I hope that you are able to do this. I also hope that you will consider giving this information to friends and family who might find the information useful.

Apologies if you find this subject inappropriate or if it causes you discomfort, but it is being addressed at a wide community level.