Proposed housing development at land adjacent to Atworth Business Park

Wiltshire Council’s Spatial Planning Team have written to all Town and Parish Councils asking that they comment on potential development sites for possible inclusion as allocations in the emerging Site Allocation Development Plan Document (DPD). Atworth Parish Council responded by emphatically stating that they believed that this was not a suitable site and gave reasons for this. (Click here for response)
Chris Beaver of PlanningSphere, Bath, submitted representations to Wiltshire Council on behalf of the site owners, Mr Webb, Ms Hough and Braeman Holdings (part of the Doric Group of companies) in respect of land adjacent to Atworth Business Park. Their representations propose that the above site is included as an allocation in the Site Allocation DPD for mixed-use development comprising housing (circa up to 40 units). On 19th August the Parish Council met with Chris Beaver and informed him of their view that this site was wholly unsuitable and gave their reasons for this conclusion.

The next opportunity to comment will be the Public Consultation with Wiltshire Council which will take place in February 2016.

Pedestrian Crossing Safety Improvements e-Petition

 This petition for ‘Atworth pedestrian crossing halo lights’ is now live. You will have to spend an extra minute to register but it will be worth it if we can get a lot of signatures. Please pass it on to anyone living, working or studying in Atworth Parish, aged 13 years and over. The paper version of this now has 100 signatures. Sign up on this link : Atworth e-petition

Very many thanks for wanting to make our main road safer.