Agenda – Parish Council Meeting 21st December 2016

Please be advised that Parish Councillors are summoned and the public invited to attend a meeting of Atworth Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 21st December at 7.00pm in Atworth Village Hall to consider the agenda below



1. Welcome
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Declarations of interest
4. Formal closure of the meeting

5. Public Participation

6. Reconvene the meeting

7. Minutes
7.1 To consider, approve and sign the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 16th November 2016
8. Clerk’s Report

Updates on the following actions arising from previous minutes:

8.1 Clock tower area improvements
8.2 Dropped kerbs progress
8.3 New notice board (including legs), for Parish Council items
8.4 Ivy on bus shelter
8.5 Parking on the footpath at Albion House.
8.6 Village caretaker – list of tasks
8.7 Hedges encroaching onto Council land
8.8 Community resilience. Details of services or resources that could be offered by villagers in case of emergency.
9. Planning Applications

To consider planning application reference 16/11282/FUL – proposed single storey extension, fenestration alterations and landscaping of existing tennis court to lawned garden at The Loose Box, Bradford Road, Atworth SN12 8HZ

10. Finance:

10.1 Approval of Payment Schedule to date and authorisation of cheques
10.2 Approval to accept Budget Monitoring Statement to end of November 2016
11. Reports

To receive any reports.

12. Agenda items

12.1 MetroCounts are in place at the Bear Garage Update Alan Lee
12.2 Precept Items – to consider and approve.
12.3 To consider application for provision of allotments
12.4 Gateway to Recreation Ground. Update William Bird
13. Correspondence

Already circulated to councillors

14. Any Other Business

To receive any other relevant business that did not arrive in time for the agenda. No financial payments can be made at this point.

15. Date of Next Meeting

To be revised from scheduled date of 18th January 2017 (must be held on or before this date to confirm our Precept)

The Area Board ‘Our Community Matters’ conference is on Wednesday 18th January 2017 which looks ahead for two years. The outcomes from this will impact on the villages in the Melksham area.