Agenda – Atworth parish Council Planning Committee Wednesday 19th April 2017 at 6.40pm in Atworth Village Hall

Please be advised that Parish Councillors are summoned and the public invited to attend a meeting of Atworth Parish Council Planning Committee to be held on Wednesday 19th April 2017 at 6.40pm in Atworth Village Hall to consider the agenda below.


1. Welcome

2. Apologies for Absence

3. Declarations of interest

4. Formal closure of the meeting

5. Public Participation

6. Reconvene the meeting

7. Planning Applications Council to consider application 17/03459/TCA for works on trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order in a Conservation Area, in this instance the double row of yew trees leading to St Michaels’ Church.

8. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 17th May 2017 – the Annual General Meeting


Agenda 19 April 2017