Extraordinary meeting

Please be advised that Parish Councillors are summoned and the public invited to attend the Extraordinary Council meeting of Atworth Parish Council to be held on Monday 5th July 2021 at 6:30 pm at The Village Hall to consider the agendas below.

086/21.       Preliminariesa.    

a. Apologies for absence

b.     Declarations of interest

087/21.       Public Participation

In line with the councils Standing Orders Public speaking time is restricted to 15 minutes in total

088/21.       Finance

  1. To approve and sign off section 1 of the AGAR – Annual Governance Statement 2020/21
  2. To approve and sign off section 2 of the AGAR – Accounting Statements 2020/21

089/21.         Date of the Next Meeting of Atworth Parish Council

  1. Wednesday 21st July 2019 – Ordinary Council Meeting