Table of Councillor Attendance at July 17

Table of councillor attendance July 2017


Atworth Parish Council, List of Councillors, from May 2017

Mrs Effie Gale-Sides 

Atford House
194A Bath Road SN12 8HF
Tel: 01225 702228 Email:


Mr Alan Lee

63 Bath Road Atworth
Tel: 01225 709295 Email:

Mr Richard Clark

56 Bath Road Atworth SN12 8JY
Tel: 01225 708110 Email:

Sarah Horrell

128 Bath Road, Atworth SN12 8HW

Kathleen Hartley

6 Mead Park, Atworth SN12 8JS

Tel. 01225 707191

If you have any difficulty in contacting any of the above Councillors, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Parish Clerk
Mr Philip C.E. McMullen

37 Sandridge Road Melksham SN12 7BQ
Alt. Email:

Sub-Committee and Other Posts 

  • Planning – All
  • Village Hall – TBA
  • Community Safety – Effie Gale-Sides, Parish Clerk
  • Footpaths – TBA
  • Health & Wellbeing – TBA
  • Area Board – Effie Gale-Sides, Parish Clerk. All members welcome.
  • Community Area Transport Group – Alan Lee
  • Youth Club – TBA
  • Community Resilience – Effie Gale-Sides, Parish Clerk
  • Finances & Personnel – Effie Gale-Sides, Alan Lee, Richard Clark
  • Melksham Chamber of Commerce – Effie Gale-Sides, Parish Clerk (by invitation)
  • Melksham Council of Community Service – Effie Gale-Sides  (Trustee by invitation)

Parish Councillors’ Register of Interests can be found on the Wiltshire Council website following the link below